Kostas Beveratos At The Emergency Room

2007 | videos, posters, installations, performances
(27 days of participation and equal projects at the Emergency Room formed by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel)

Presented at:
>Ileana Tounta Art Space, September 2007.

Link to the complete daily archive:
Kostas Beveratos @ Emergency Room

In a few words:
Colonel means authority.
I don't give a shit for authority.
The need for authority, like the need for belief and the need for god, is the proof of human insufficiency.
I can not accept human insufficiency.
I want to be complete.
I want to be god.
(An ant is god. A deer is god. A radish is god. Sand is god. No human is god.)
Thierry is a human. This human has a great idea.
This human believes in utopia.
He believes in humanity.

Thierry made a game for humans.
He says: Humans can be gods.
Humans can save themselves.
I love this game.
I trust Thierry.
I urge to walk along with him.


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