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2008 | texts, posters, public opinion research

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>Αντι-∆ιαφήµιση Festival, Bios, 2008.

In a few words:
Communication through the use of slogans constitutes a way of communication imposed by advertisement. Thus the power of advertisement is great, as slogans are now the main way of interaction in all levels of society. The vindication of a different quality in communication may be considered as Anti-Advertising, contradicting the attempt to create slogans from another starting point, or by deconstructing the existing ones. It is a vindication of a form of communication for which the analysis of the complexity of human existence and social behaviour will be required, through circuitous speech. Slogans and promotional speech constantly form an accelerating environment of falsehood, which is tumbling humanity towards the direction it rose from. Analytical language, when produced as well as comprehended, forms a decelerating environment of knowing oneself and others, which exclusively has the ability to boost humans to evolve.

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