In A Library I Found The Story Of A Man

2009 | a musical project inspired by the poetry of Robert Lax

Detailed material [in draft form] at:


[My] Framed View

2009 | photography

Framed views spotted out of the ordinary chaos.
Never cropped or treated.
Me, the camera and the spot on equal measures.

[My] Framed [Mobile] View
Photographs taken by a cellphone camera

[My] Framed [Shadow] View
Views recorded on 135 b/w film

Arthropods Will Rule Again

2009 | music, narrations, posters

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Music Tracks, Texts, Documents, Photographs, Credits

Η Προεκλογική Συγκέντρωση

2009 | performance, music, leaflets, posters

Presented at Thiseion Metro Station during the pre-electoral campaign period. October 2nd, 2009.

The Event On Video:

More information about this event at:
Texts, Leaflets, Poster, Credits

Warning! The Following Message Is An Advertisment

2008 | texts, posters, public opinion research

Presented at:
>Αντι-∆ιαφήµιση Festival, Bios, 2008.

In a few words:
Communication through the use of slogans constitutes a way of communication imposed by advertisement. Thus the power of advertisement is great, as slogans are now the main way of interaction in all levels of society. The vindication of a different quality in communication may be considered as Anti-Advertising, contradicting the attempt to create slogans from another starting point, or by deconstructing the existing ones. It is a vindication of a form of communication for which the analysis of the complexity of human existence and social behaviour will be required, through circuitous speech. Slogans and promotional speech constantly form an accelerating environment of falsehood, which is tumbling humanity towards the direction it rose from. Analytical language, when produced as well as comprehended, forms a decelerating environment of knowing oneself and others, which exclusively has the ability to boost humans to evolve.

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Research leaflet:

Guilt Is You

2008 | video, leaflets

Presented at:
>Festival [Wo+Man]2, Aνοιχτοί Ορίζοντες, Αθήνα, 2008.

In a few words:
Guilt is what I am.
Any act of acceptance, subjection and revolt takes place in relation to the guilts I am.
Guilt is the most successful mechanism of oppression and the most secure boundary.
Guilts consist the starting point of education and the foundation stone of all societies.
Guilts evolve through space and time and are imposed in accordance to the needs for survival, the inventiveness or perversion of the leading groups, or even by coincidences.
Ενοχή είναι αυτό που είμαι.
Κάθε δράση αποδοχής, υποταγής και ανταρσίας συμβαίνει σε σχέση με τις ενοχές που είμαι.
Ενοχή είναι ο πιο επιτυχημένος μηχανισμός καταπίεσης και το πιο ασφαλές περιχαράκωμα.
Οι ενοχές αποτελούν την αφετηρία της παιδείας και τον θεμέλιο λίθο κάθε κοινωνίας.
Οι ενοχές τροποποιούνται στον χώρο και τον χρόνο και επιβάλλονται αναλόγως των αναγκών για επιβίωση, της επινοητικότητας ή της διαστροφής των ηγετικών ομάδων, ακόμα και από συμπτώσεις.


Kill The Monster

2008 | documentary video

Presented at:
>FoldenIn, διαδικτυακό project της οµάδας Personal Cinema, 2008.

This video was produced exclusively for the FoldedIn internet project by the Personal Cinema art group.
It proposes that the violent video war games form a strange and totally unknown to us reality for the youngsters. Video games are part of the educational system, just as the Mass Media are. We just don't care.

The video:

Tυπογραφικό Λάθος | The Type Error News

2006-2008 | prints, videos, photographs, installations

Presented at:
>Αrt Therapy Festival, Ρέθυµνο, 2007.
>Booze Cooperativa, (ατοµική έκθεση) Αθήνα, 2008.
>Mir Festival, Αθήνα, 2008.

Complete artwork archive and documentation at:


Kostas Beveratos At The Emergency Room

2007 | videos, posters, installations, performances
(27 days of participation and equal projects at the Emergency Room formed by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel)

Presented at:
>Ileana Tounta Art Space, September 2007.

Link to the complete daily archive:
Kostas Beveratos @ Emergency Room

In a few words:
Colonel means authority.
I don't give a shit for authority.
The need for authority, like the need for belief and the need for god, is the proof of human insufficiency.
I can not accept human insufficiency.
I want to be complete.
I want to be god.
(An ant is god. A deer is god. A radish is god. Sand is god. No human is god.)
Thierry is a human. This human has a great idea.
This human believes in utopia.
He believes in humanity.

Thierry made a game for humans.
He says: Humans can be gods.
Humans can save themselves.
I love this game.
I trust Thierry.
I urge to walk along with him.


Day 1 / Least Space Of Agreement

Day 4 / RGB: There Is No Vision From The Inside Of A Box

Art Effects

2007 continuing | blogging, internet art, graphic design, activism

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Art Effects

Ριάλιτυ Σόου

2007-2008 | blogging, photography, activism

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Ριάλιτυ Σόου

Time, Space & I

2005 | video
[µε την Ήρα Σπαγαδώρου]

Presented at:
>Πεδίο ∆ράσης Κόδρα 2005.
>Asolo Film Festival, 2005.
>Video Dance Festival, Athens, 2007.

The video:

Art & Illusion

2003 | installation, prints
(µε την Ήρα Σπαγαδώρου)

Presented at:
>Πεδίο ∆ράσης Κόδρα 2003.

The Wedding

2003 | video

Presented at:
>«Nos Casamos» Video Festival, Bilbao, 2004.

Video frame:

Are You Interested In Art?

2001 | video, εγκατάσταση

Presented at:
>Trash Art, Technopolis, Athens

In a few words:
The video is a 7 minute projection that could be considered as a short-lengh-movie presenting the development of four
parallel stories. A reader who “consumes” and tiles newspapers, a group of smokers who smoke and collect
the cigaret leftovers, the written narration of a small story that instantly becomes trash and last, a trash
collector at his natural environment. The trash collector, once in a while, replies to the question of an invisible
reporter -which question consists the title of the video- with the phrase: "I am not interested in art. I am
interested only in trash."
The installation is consisted by a TV screen placed on top of newspaper tiles and a jar with the cigarette leftovers underneath.


The video:


Script, direction: KOSTAS BEVERATOS
Guitar improvisation: SPYROS TYREAS
Video & sound editing: KOSTAS BEVERATOS
Technical support: DIONYSIS BOULOUTZAS
Production: PEACE OF ART

WAR GAMES: Wow, You Must Be An Intellectual!

2001 | video game, video, installation, newspaper

Presented at:
> Youth Biennial Of The European Mediterranean Countries, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
> Media Terra, European Tour
> Participation at the Personal Cinema project The Making Of Balkan Wars

Detailed information about this project at:
War Games [texts, pictures, videos, credits]

The newspaper:

Video documentation of the presentation at Sarajevo:

Hλίου Κρήνη

1999 | publications

μικρή παραμυθία | short solace
ISBN 960-7816-03-X
αριθμός σειράς 4

παρακινδυνευμένη εξομολόγηση | hazardous confession
ISBN 960-7816-04-8
αριθμός σειράς 5

Hλίου Κρήνη

1997 | publications

αφιερώματα στον θεό Τίποτα | dedications to god Nothing
ISBN 960-7816-00-5
αριθμός σειράς 1

για την αληθινή χαρά | about true joy
ISBN 960-7816-01-3
αριθμός σειράς 2

ποίημα για τον έρωτα | poem about love
ISBN 960-7816-02-1
αριθμός σειράς 3


1989 | publication

Ποιος ανέχεται το τυχαίο;
Ποιος αρκείται σ' αυτό;
Ποιος κυλά με το ποτάμι γκρινιάρης
κι ικανοποιημένος;
Ποιος δεν τολμά να δει: το συνηθισμένο
είναι παράλογο.
Ποιος λέει: ε, κι εγώ τι να κάνω;

Ένας άνθρωπος του νεάντερταλ με λαχτάρα
ταρακουνά μια μηλιά. Σήμερα το πρωί
ένα μήλο έπεσε από το τραπέζι. Μια ώρα
μετά οι εφημερίδες έγραφαν: Τρεις κοσμοναύτες
ενενήντα μέρες σε τροχιά γύρω από τη γη.

Το ξέρεις: τα πάντα πέφτουν στη γη.
Τώρα ξέρεις ακόμα: το διαστημόπλοιο
πάει ίσια πάνω.
Γι αυτό είσαι άνθρωπος.